Christchurch South-Ōwhanga

Phil Clearwater 200x300px


The People's Choice - Labour

My principal place of residence is in the
Christchurch South/Ōwhanga Constituency area.
I am standing for ECan because our need for
environmental action and transport
transformation is urgent. I have been a
longstanding Community Board Chair, and a City
Councillor for two terms, chairing committees on infrastructure,
transport, environment, community development and housing.
I am committed to: maintaining safe, secure drinking water;
getting our rivers back to being swimmable; protecting and
restoring native habitat species and landscapes, and helping
build resilience to climate change - all of which are vital to our
well-being. I'll also work for an integrated, affordable and
sustainable public transport system based on reducing emissions
and congestion.
I believe we are guardians of our environment; I want to leave
Canterbury's water, land and ecology in an enhanced state for
all our grandchildren and future generations. Your vote for me
will bring integrity, experience, skills and leadership essential
for a new, democratic ECan.

James Macbeth Dann 200x300px

James Macbeth DANN

The People's Choice - Labour

My principal place of residence is in theChristchurch South/Ōwhanga Constituency area.
I live in Somerfield with my wife and family.
We enjoy the river and the hills and the proximity to both city and country.
For the first time in years we have full and free
elections for Environment Canterbury (ECan), and I have put
myself forward as a candidate.
After the removal of the elected ECan councillors in 2010, I was
involved in the water rights movement where I campaigned to
raise awareness of the challenges facing Canterbury's natural
I don't just want to protect our environment; I want to restore it
and improve it for future generations. This will mean thinking
seriously resource allocation and the way we live. I will not shy
from advocating for increased public transport, decreased
carbon emissions, and a better way of life for Cantabrians.

Hamish Keown 200x300px

Hamish KEOWN


My principal place of residence is not in the
Christchurch South/Ōwhanga Constituency area.
As a born and bred Ōtautahi (Christchurch) local,
I am deeply invested in the protection and
enhancement of our environment and
community. I have the experience and passion
necessary to influence real change in our beautiful region. From
work with the Christchurch - West Melton Zone Committee, to
completing my degree in Environmental Management and
Planning, while also supporting a range of post-earthquake
projects, I am ready to represent you.
Climate change and water quality are two of the biggest
challenges facing our constituency. I will fight for more real
action on these issues. Waitaha (Canterbury) is our home and
our voice should be heard. We must move towards a more
understandable and transparent system that allows everyone
the opportunity to engage in decisions that affect us all.
A vote for Hamish Keown is a vote for action.

Lincoln Platt 200x300px

Lincoln PLATT

Independent Citizens

My principal place of residence is in the
Christchurch South/Ōwhanga Constituency area.
It is important to me that ECan makes sensible
and balanced decisions managing our
environment to ensure that our children's future
is sustainable. We have a diverse community with
different needs and careful consideration must be given to all
Our water, land, air and public transport must be managed well
for our growing population across the region with a long term
strategic vision put in place.
Planning for climate change should be based on sound scientific
evidence. Getting the right balance is imperative to ensure a
sustainable future is reached in an achievable way.
I want to see the council live within their means and control
rates with spending on priority projects before luxury.
My family and I live in Saint Martins. I have been a business
owner for over 20 years and I have been involved in charities,
local trusts and community groups around Christchurch.

Vicky Southworth 200x300px


Independent for Positive Change

My principal place of residence is in the
Christchurch South/Ōwhanga Constituency area.
Safe drinking water, healthy waterways and a
positive future for our native wildlife should be a
given. Instead, precious habitats are still
disappearing. Too many lakes, waterways and
aquifers are polluted and stressed. With a Master of Water
Resource Management and 15 years' experience in the
environmental sector I understand the pressures on our natural
resources and the connections to land use. I will focus on your
community priorities with knowledge, integrity and
determination. We need a collaborative approach supporting
and encouraging positive changes, whilst holding to account
those avoiding responsibility with effective monitoring and
enforcement. I will seek opportunities to address climate
change. Bus service improvements are essential to increase
passenger numbers; as a regular bus user I know your
frustrations. With your vote I will support decisions that respect
sustainable limits and rebalance Canterbury's economy,
communities and environment, for our sake and future
generations, from mountains to sea.

Rik Tindall 200x300px


CommunityVoice. NZ independent

My principal place of residence is in the
Christchurch South/Ōwhanga Constituency area.
Clean water, quality public transport, protected
biodiversity - help me join ECan to achieve these.
Minimised groundwater nitrate, swimmable rivers
and clean air - wanted from vigilance at council
that I will bring. Support for growers to reduce emissions and
waste runoff from land - these we can deliver, together.
Waitaha/Canterbury is a beautiful region. Let's enhance it by
encouraging sustainable land use that removes greenhouse
gases instead of adding them, to ward off climate change and
the increased hazard it brings. Stronger community
collaboration will see us through disasters trending upwards.
Opawaho river, estuary, coast, Port Hills, Banks Peninsula
harbours and bays - all areas and communities we love, I will
represent well, in your interest and with your vote.
As a Predator Free program coordinator in Cashmere, I will work
with you to extend this work safely for endangered species, pet
animals and stock, throughout the region. Kia ora. 0274060077