South Canterbury-Ōtuhituhi

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My principal place of residence is in the South
Canterbury/Ōtuhituhi Constituency area.
Climate-elder, independent.
Many of our children and grandchildren know
that our climate crisis threatens their lives. As a
passionate Cantabrian, grandad, PhD scientist,
engineer and climate-elder I care about their future. So I will
prioritise clean, safe drinking water, a stable climate,
swimmable rivers and an ecologically and economically resilient
environment over short term profits from pollution which
creates unforgiveable and unacceptable costs for future
I'm active on three water management committees,
representing the voice of this community. I understand the
science of climate change and its serious social, environmental,
cultural and economic impacts. I've learned what we must do
before it's too late.
With the return of democracy to ECan, the true interests of our
communities can now be served. With your vote and support, I
can help lead this transformation to restore our province and
create a sustainable future we can be proud of.

Peter McIlraith 200x300px


My principal place of residence is in the South
Canterbury/Ōtuhituhi Constituency area.
I am a married man with family and
South Canterbury has been my home, I was born
in Oamaru.
My life has been as a primary producer living and working with
the natural environment.
The 2019 elections are the first time in 11 years that you, the
voter, have the opportunity to choose your elected
In what has been a time of bogus democracy, impairment has
been done to the concept of 'governance for the people by the
people'. Large bureaucracies, with huge rate rises and
centralised power, have tainted the notion of local solutions to
local issues.
I have the knowledge and experience to correct that damage.
Councils, are here to serve the constituents, not rule as a giant
central administration controlling with rules regulation and
Every new rule is a loss of someone's liberty.
I support freedom, liberty and choice.
Elizabeth McKenzie 200x300px

Elizabeth MCKENZIE

My principal place of residence is in the South
Canterbury/Ōtuhituhi Constituency area.
I am a 46-year-old New Zealand-born scientist
with 17 years' experience in geochemistry,
forensic science, environmental analytical
chemistry, and biomedical science.
In 1995, scientists warned of the risk of a large earthquake in
Christchurch, yet their warning was not acted on. Now, over-
reliance on large-scale dairying has resulted in nitrate-
contaminated water, presenting a health risk to Cantabrians,
yet local government response has been slow. This disconnect
between science and local governance has serious consequences
for our people and environment.
In South Canterbury, climate change means loss of snow and
glaciers, with sea level rise impacting our coastal towns.
However, warmer temperatures will increase the growing
season, providing opportunities for new crops.
Climate change is both a risk and an opportunity. I am standing
to advocate for people and environment before profit, and for
development of a resilient and sustainable infrastructure and
economy in Canterbury.
Jared Ross 200x300px

Jared ROSS

My principal place of residence is in the South
Canterbury/Ōtuhituhi Constituency area.
I seek election to represent the South Canterbury-
Otuhituhi constituency.
Urban raised and Auckland educated, I have a
B.AgCom (FM) from Lincoln University and a long
association with the Waitaki Valley. With my wife Susan, we
own and operate dryland property near Kurow.
I am the Vice President of North Otago Federated Farmers and a
community member on the Lower Waitaki South Coastal
Canterbury Zone Committee. I serve on the Central South Island
Beef and Lamb Farmer Council and as a Director for the Kurow
Duntroon Irrigation Company.
As a determined individual (36), intent on providing balanced
and informed representation, I want to continue strong,
mutually beneficial collaboration between constituents and the
regional authority.
I have empathy for the impact increased regulation brings to
our communities, nonetheless, I expect we should operate with
a view to continual improvement. It is imperative that current
and future ECan administration is robust and effective.
Peter J Scott 200x300px


My principal place of residence is in the South
Canterbury/Ōtuhituhi Constituency area.
I want to be re- elected to the Canterbury
Regional Council because I believe the progress
that ECan has made in the last 3 years is due to
strong governance.
I want to be supported by voters in South Canterbury so that I
can play a role in having a good transition to a new council. I
have been supported by existing ECan councillors into the role
as Deputy Chairperson. I am grateful for that support and
confidence that they have had in me and would hope to have a
similar role in a new council.
My portfolio responsibilities include Air, Regional Transport,
Finance and Water.
Strong relationships that ECan staff and ECan councillors have
with the Crown, with Rununga, with District Councils and with
our Zone committee's needs to continue. Our new council will
need to work out how to work together.
I can help achieve focus and leadership.
Herstall Ulrich 200x300px

Herstall ULRICH

My principal place of residence is in the South
Canterbury/Ōtuhituhi Constituency area.
Hello. My name is Herstall Ulrich. I'm a keen fly
fisherman, skier, tramper, farmer and
experienced company director, eg Silver Fern
Farms, VetLife.
I'd like to represent you as an ECan Councillor for South
Water is our region's number one environmental and economic
challenge and as vice chair of the OTOP Zone Committee I have
a deep understanding of the issues. I know how important it is
to build environmental policy that satisfies the expectations of
all sectors of our community. Our rural, urban, recreational and
commercial needs are interdependent. We must all work
together, using sound science and economics to achieve timely,
win-win solutions.
I'll take a similar approach with other ECan workstreams:
regional transport; biosecurity; pest management; natural
hazard protection. It's about getting the balance between
social, environmental, cultural and economic outcomes right.
Please make the effort to vote, I hope you'll vote Ulrich. Thank