Our strategic direction

Strategic Direction | Te Aronga Rautaki

We can only be successful in achieving progress if we work closely with mana whenua, central and other local government agencies, businesses, industry sectors and community and volunteer groups to manage natural resources.

Our vision and purpose

Taking action together to shape a thriving and resilient Canterbury, now and for future generations | Toitū te marae o Tāne, toitū te marae o Tangaroa, toitū te iwi.

Transformational opportunities are the opportunities to accelerate environmental change and community wellbeing.

Enduring priorities are the areas we continue to focus on.

Learn about the values that underpin the way we work towards our desired outcomes and our portfolios and how we make decisions.

Our transformational opportunities: Accelerate regeneration of the natural environment; Facilitate diversification of land use; Build community engagement and action; Champion safe, multi-modal transport choices; Lead climate change resilience. | Our enduring prorities: Decisive action for healthy freshwater, land and coastal ecosystems; Fostering relationships to underpin regional leadership for our communities; Sustainable and healthy living and working environments; Helping communities be well prepared for changes in the natural environment.

Our operating principles

We will make good decisions by:

  • Listening to the people to serve communities.
  • Displaying confident and caring democratic leadership.
  • Working collaboratively with partners.
  • Being guided by our values.
  • Taking into account cultural, social, economic and environmental wellbeing.
  • Being evidence-based and future-focused.
  • Enabling innovation.
  • Ensuring change is both managed and manageable.

We will support this by investing in:

  • An enduring partnership with Ngāi Tahu.
  • Community participation locally and regionally.
  • High-performing people for success.
  • Knowledge: science, data and mātauranga Māori.
  • Securing a diversity of funding sources.
  • Opportunities through technology and innovation.