Electing two members for Mid-Canterbury/Ōpākihi.

TROLOVE Peter Mid Canterbury


NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers

My principal place of residence is in the Mid-
Canterbury/Ōpākihi Constituency area.
Environment Canterbury is failing to address
nitrate pollution of our groundwater and
adequately protect our aquatic ecosystems from
over abstraction.
This threatens your health and destroys your recreational
This is a legacy issue from ten years of Government control
focused primarily on facilitating massive irrigation development.
Knowledge of excess nitrate leaching from dairy cows prompted
me to privately test ground and surface water in the Ōpākihi
ward for the past three years.
My results indicate ECan's monitoring is inadequate and it's
reporting selective.
People's health is dependent on clean water and healthy
environments. Healthy water is not optional. This is the single
issue on which I stand.
As a semi-retired production animal veterinarian with
qualifications in fish health, I am well placed to understand the
science from both a farm and environment perspective.
We have a duty to urgently address this pollution for future

MACKENZIE Ian MidCanterbury


My principal place of residence is in the Mid-
Canterbury/Ōpākihi Constituency area.
I bring local leadership with a sound knowledge
of the Canterbury region but particularly the
Ashburton and Selwyn districts.
I have a long history of serving my community in
a variety of roles, including leading environmental stewardship
initiatives across the region and on my own land.
As a councillor I've been leading reviews of our flood protection
and river management and how we fund these, with particular
consideration of the additional threat climate change brings.
I've brought governance skills, pragmatism, and common sense
to the council. I'm led by science and facts rather than political
rhetoric; and advocate for a frugal and accountable regime
when spending your ratepayers' money.
However, I acknowledge there is still much to be done in
improving our biodiversity and freshwater values, building on
the huge amount of work already underway.
Having served one term on council I'm offering myself for re-election.

SUNCKELL John MidCanterbury



My principal place of residence is in the Mid-
Canterbury/Ōpākihi Constituency area.
It has been a privilege to represent Mid
Canterbury, Ashburton and Selwyn Districts for
the past six years.
I am a father, farmer and paramedic first and a
politician second. I know the challenges that we and the
environment face and the requirement for balanced decision
Three of my standout achievements this term include instigating
the public transport reduced fare trial, the removal of fare
zones in Selwyn and getting the Selwyn and Ashburton river
catchments firmly onto our agenda following the 2021 floods.
I have learnt that it is one thing to have exciting ideas and a
wish list from the community but that is not our current reality.
Our biggest challenges in the coming term will be giving effect
to the torrent of policy and rule changes coming at us from
Central Government.
Experience counts therefore I seek your ongoing support as an
advocate for Mid Canterbury.

COFFEY Matt Mid Canterbury



My principal place of residence is in the Mid-
Canterbury/Ōpākihi Constituency area.
Is Environment Canterbury doing all they can to
look after our water?
I'm a builder with a strong connection to the
Selwyn river and Te Waihora. Taking better care
of our water is not as complicated as we're making it. If we stop
putting crap into the rivers they will heal over time. If we don't,
they will continue to get worse. We don't need promises from
politicians, or excuses from farmers. We need to start putting
water first. That is what I promise to do.
Don't vote for me if you want the pollution to continue.