Meet the team

Jim Dilley 350x350px

Regional Harbourmaster, Manager Coastal

Captain Jim Dilley

Jim's role is to lead the overall coastal and navigation safety programme. This is to ensure the safety of all vessels within the Canterbury region’s waterways and coastal area, and to ensure the correct environmental protections, process and response to pollution within the coastal area.

Jim is a Master Mariner with a background in the British Merchant Navy and NZ commercial shipping. He is a keen recreational boatie, owning a sailing yacht, dinghy, kayaks and RIB for diving.

Ian fox 300x300px


Captain Ian Fox

Ian’s role is the management of day-to-day navigation safety. This includes working with ship masters, port companies and stakeholders to ensure the safe movement of vessels is undertaken.

Ian has a background in the New Zealand Merchant Navy and is a keen whitewater kayaker and rafter, owning several different boats.

Guy Harris 350x350px2

Deputy Harbourmaster (Systems and Commercial Shipping)

Guy Harris

Guy’s role is to undertake the day-to-day functions relating to commercial shipping activities, ensuring ships comply with legislation and operating procedures, and to lead the consistency and compliance of internal systems with relevant codes and legislation.

Guy is a Lloyd’s Maritime qualified Harbourmaster, holds a NZ Commercial Skipper's ticket and is an experienced sailor and engineer. In his spare time, he can be found sailing or surfing along the Canterbury coast.

John Kent

Navigation Safety Officer

John Kent

John’s role is to be the face of the Harbourmaster’s Office out in the field. Whether it’s talking boating safety on the boat ramp, maintaining buoys and signage, or helping communities solve boating issues affecting the local area, John’s friendly easy and open style always helps to get things sorted.

John is a lifelong aquatic enthusiast with an incredible passion for sailing and adventure. His love of the water led him from the lakes of Minnesota, to the sea as a Marine, and eventually to the coastal waters of New Zealand. You’ll often find him sailing around the peninsula or crewing on yachts whenever he can. When not on the water, he spends time with his family or furthering his other lifelong passions of music and martial arts.


Gordon McKay

Deputy Harbourmaster (Operations)

Gordon McKay

Gordon undertakes day-to-day functions related to recreational vessels. This includes ensuring signage, bylaw compliance, safety awareness campaigns and liason with user groups across the region and nationwide are maintained. This role is important all year round, but particularly during the busy summer period. He has a strong interest in building community relationships and ensuring our waterways are safe for all users.

Gordon has a background with the British Merchant Navy, Australian navigation aids servicing, and NZ Coastguard as an instructor. Other interests include fishing, flying, boating and adventures with the kids.


Raelyn Eades

Maritime Authorisations Officer

Raelyn Eades

Raelyn’s role is to manage the application process for the varying authorisations of the Harbourmaster’s Office – Coastal Team. These vary from applications for reserved areas for on water events, approvals for work on large commercial shipping and mooring authorisations. 

Raelyn has a strong process and finance background and a reputation for streamlining and simplifying process where possible. She has worked with the Harbourmaster’s Office – Coastal Team on previous secondments prior to joining the team full time.

Raelyn also believes being a grandma is far more fun than being a mum.

Emily McLaughlin 350x350px

Coastal and Land Management Advisor

Emily McLaughlin

Emily’s role is to bring all the legislation together and make sense of it. She’s good at working with members of the public and local community to get the best outcome for them and the environment.

Emily grew up near the Catlins; a beautiful coastline, but safer to look at rather than be in. It did however nurture a passion for all coastal animals and a desire to look after and protect them.

Emma Parr

Coastal Response and Readiness Lead

Emma Parr

Emma’s role is to lead the response to coastal pollution incidents and to ensure there are suitable processes, trained responders, and equipment in place to respond effectively when those incidents happen.

Emma works closely with industry and stakeholders to raise awareness of practices to prevent pollution incidents and is the Regional on Scene Commander for Marine Oil Spills for the Canterbury Region.

Josh McDonald Davis

Maritime Environment Officer

Josh McDonald-Davis

Josh’s role is to bridge between the Maritime Transport Act and the Resource Management Act. The role looks at both navigation safety and the environmental risks in the coastal area and abroad. This could include marine farms, wastewater discharges and everything in between.

Josh grew up in the Nelson/Tasman region and spent large portions of time boating and spearfishing. Josh has a passion for the coastal marine environment and the sustainable management of it.