What is included in a LIR?

Land Information Requests (LIR) are often requested by people considering purchasing a property. Content varies depending on the details we hold for a particular property location, but in general a LIR covers the headings in the table below.

Resource consents

Your report will include summaries of resource consent and permitted activity authorisation records associated with the property and a summary of records within 1 kilometre, as well as maps marking the locations for these records. resource consent information is searchable using Canterbury Maps and our consent search.

A resource consent can authorise a wide range of activities such as:

  • Taking water for irrigation
  • Discharging contaminants onto land, into water or into the air
  • Taking gravel from a riverbed
  • Clearing vegetation in selected areas
  • Installing a bore in the ground

Permitted activity authorisations are associated with some onsite wastewater discharges.

Compliance monitoring

We no longer provide Compliance Monitoring Reports (CMRs) with a LIR.  If you wish to obtain any CMRs for the property please ask for them directly from the holder of the resource consent/s. We will note in LIRs whether or not there are any CMRs for the consents on the property.


Your report will include details for any known wells on the property and within 1 kilometre. Maps marking the locations of wells are included. All wells included in LIRs are searchable using Canterbury maps and our well search.

Groundwater quality

Your report will include any relevant groundwater quality information available within a 1 kilometre radius of the property, along with a map showing locations of the monitored sites. All ground water quality information included in LIRs is searchable using Canterbury Maps.

Surface water quantity
Your report will include, where available, gauging data for any relevant surface water body within a 1 kilometre radius of the property, which is a measurement of the stream’s width, depth and velocity. If there is a monitoring site on the river or stream in question, a history of daily mean flows can also be provided. Data relating to riverflow and rainfall are available on our website.
Surface water quality

Your report will include any relevant surface water quality information available within a 1 kilometre radius of the property, along with a map showing the locations of monitored sites. All surface water quality information included in LIRs is searchable using Canterbury Maps.

Flood hazards

Your report will include flood hazard information, subject to availability, which may include:

  • Historic flood information including maps and photographs
  • Potential sources and extent of flooding
  • Expected flood frequency
  • An assessment of flood risk based on floodplain investigations

If you require more detailed flooding information such as floor level recommendations in relation to a specific project, you must request a Flood Hazard Assessment.

Geological hazards

Your report will include:

  • Known earthquake faults on the property which could move, generating an earthquake and permanently displacing land across the fault
  • The likelihood of ground shaking in the area, taking into account all known nearby faults, how often on average they generate earthquakes and the size of those earthquakes
  • Liquefaction potential
  • Landslide hazard information, where relevant and if available
  • Tsunami hazard information for coastal properties, if available.

Most of this information is available in reports or maps on our natural hazards web pages or Canterbury Maps.

Please note geological hazard information is gathered at a regional or district scale and is indicative only, i.e. not detailed enough to give you information about your individual site. Only a site-specific investigation by a suitably qualified and experienced geologist or engineer can determine the potential for damage on a particular property from geological hazards.

Pest enforcement

Your report will state whether the property has been subject to a Notice of Direction or charge under the Biosecurity Act 1993 relating to the control of plants or animals specified as pests in the Regional Pest Management Plan Regional Pest Management Strategy

Contaminated sites

Your report will include a copy of the current statement from our Listed Land Use Register (LLUR) for the property, which is subject to a disclaimer detailed on the LLUR site.

Land Improvement Agreements

Your report will identify if a Land Improvment Agreement (LIA) relates to the property. We can check the conditions in the LIA and confirm which Policy applies if you provide a copy of the land title.

Air quality

Your report will include ambient outdoor air quality information if the property is within the Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Christchurch, Ashburton, Geraldine, Timaru or Waimate airsheds. The information compares contaminant concentrations measured by our monitoring stations against National Environmental Standards for Air Quality and Ambient Air Quality Guidelines. Information is also available on our air pollution web page.