Hearing decisions: 2014


Friday, 19th Dec 2014

Silver Fern Farms Limited


Commissioner(s): Cindy Robinson and Dr Brent Cowie
Commissioners Cindy Robinson and Dr Brent Cowie have granted consent to intermittently discharge treated waste water to the lower Waimakiriri River.


Wednesday, 1st Oct 2014

Waimakariri Irrigation Limited

CRC122897, CRC122898, CRC122899, CRC122900, CRC120610 and RC135478

Commissioner(s): P Rogers, D Chrystal and J Lumsden

The decision of the joint hearing of resource consents CRC122897, CRC122898, CRC122899, CRC122900, CRC120610 and RC135478 has been released. The Commissioners have granted consents for the use of land for earthworks associated with, and the construction, maintenance, and use of storage ponds,  and associated structures;  and the damming of up to 8.2 million cubic metres of water and discharges of dust to air and stormwater at the corner Wrights and Dixon Roads, Burnt Hill. The duration of the consents will be 35 years except for the discharge to air which will have a duration of five years.


Friday, 5th Sep 2014

Christchurch Ready Mix

CRC142845 and CRC142846

Commissioner(s): D Chrystal

The decision on the hearing of CRC142845 and CRC142846 has now been released. Commissioner D Chrystal has granted consent to use land for mineral extraction activities and the deposition of clean fill over an unconfined or semi-confined aquifer; and to take and use water for dust suppression at the Gartys Road, Leithfield, subject to conditions.


Monday, 25th Aug 2014

B L, L H & D A Baggott and C E McKay


Commissioner(s): Withy

The decision on the hearing has been released. Commissioner Withy has granted consent to take and use groundwater for irrigation at Woodfields Road, Rangiora.


Friday, 11th Jul 2014

Hunter Dairies Limited


Commissioner(s): R Nixon

The decision on the hearing of CRC143341 has been released. Commissioner R Nixon has granted consent for a change of conditions to take and use groundwater near Makikihi.


Thursday, 30th Jan 2014

Te Runanga o Ngāi Tahu and Canterbury Regional Council (Te Waihora opening)

CRC140366, CRC140367, CRC140368, CRC140371, CRC142019

Commissioner(s): D Collins, B Cowie and H Langsbury
Environment Canterbury, Selwyn District Council, and Christchurch City Council have granted consents to carry out activities associated with the artificial opening and closing of Te Waihora/ Lake Ellesmere to the sea.