Hearing decisions: 2020


Tuesday, 8th Sep 2020

Oceania Dairy Limited

Commissioner(s): Paul Rogers, Emma Christmas, Hoani Langsbury

The decision on the Oceania Dairy Limited applications for the construction of a 7.5 kilometre pipeline and discharge of treated wastewater from a milk processing factory at 30 Cooney's Road, Glenavy, has been released.

The decision is to grant the applications, with conditions.


Friday, 24th Apr 2020

Fulton Hogan Ltd (Roydon Quarry)

CRC192408 CRC192409 CRC192410 CRC192411 CRC192412 CRC192413 CRC192414 RC185627

Commissioner(s): Rob Van Voorthuysen, Sharon McGarry, Paul Thomas

The decision of Environment Canterbury and Selwyn District Council in regard to the application by Fulton Hogan Limited to establish an aggregate quarry (known as ‘Roydon Quarry’) within the Selwyn District bounded by Curraghs Road, Dawsons Road, Madisons Road and Jones Road,  has been received.

The decision of the Hearing Commissioners is to grant, with conditions, the resource consent applications.


Tuesday, 14th Apr 2020

Southern Proteins Limited


Commissioner(s): John Iseli and Gina Soloman

A consent application by Southern Proteins Limited to discharge contaminants to air from a proposed low temperature rendering plant (at 144 Meadows Road, Washdyke) has been approved for a term of 20 years, subject to a detailed set of conditions.


Tuesday, 10th Mar 2020

Mr G R & Mrs R C Wilson

CRC193934, CRC193935 and CRC195104

Commissioner(s): Robert Nixon

The Hearing Commissioner granted with conditions, consents to divert and discharge surface water of an unnamed watercourse; and excavate and disturb the bed of the unnamed watercourse at 21 Swamp Road, Hinds for a duration of 35 years.


Friday, 24th Jan 2020

Wongan Hills Limited

CRC193743 CRC193745 CRC193748

Commissioner(s): Emma Christmas

The decision of the Hearing Commissioner is to grant the transfer of groundwater from existing consents and amalgamate with an existing consent to authorise the taking and use of water for irrigation, stock drinking water supply and domestic supply at Bayleys Road, Kaitorete Spit, subject to conditions, and with an expiry date of 5 September 2028

Wednesday, 8th Jan 2020

Mr N J and Mrs L M Harris and Harakeke Nominees Ltd

CRC190984, CRC190985

Commissioner(s): Hoani Langsbury

The Hearing Commissioner granted with conditions, consents to undertake activities in the bed of the Hurunui River associated with the construction and maintenance of a diversion channel and pond.