Oceania Dairy Limited

  • Submissions opened: Saturday, 16th Nov 2019 - 12:01am
  • Submissions closed: Friday, 13th Dec 2019 - 5:00pm


Applicant:                          Oceania Dairy Limited

Address for service:         C/- Babbage Consultants Limited, PO Box 2027, Shortland St, Auckland 1140. Attn: Joe Gray or email Joe.Gray@Babbage.co.nz 

Resource consent applications:

Oceania Dairy Limited has applied to Canterbury Regional Council for six resource consents relating to the construction of a 7.5 kilometre pipeline and discharge of treated wastewater from a milk-processing factory situated at 30 Cooney’s Road, Glenavy, into the Coastal Marine Area.

CRC201187- To undertake earthworks associated with the installation of a wastewater pipeline in road reserve land, from a milk-processing factory at 30 Cooney’s Road, Glenavy to Archibald’s Road, Glenavy.

CRC201191- to take groundwater for the purposes of site dewatering during construction of the pipeline. Dewatering will occur along the wastewater pipeline from the factory to the ocean outfall structure and at the surge chamber during site construction. 

CRC201192- to discharge groundwater from site dewatering to land during construction of the pipeline. 

CRC201188- to disturb the coastal marine area and construct an ocean outfall in coastal hazard zones 1 and 2 using a micro-tunnelling method.

CRC201190- to occupy the coastal marine area including an underground pipeline to three diffusers located approximately 300 metres offshore.

CRC201194- to discharge treated factory wastewater, excluding domestic wastewater and stormwater, to the coastal marine area, at a maximum volume of 10,000 cubic metres per day. The discharge may result in contaminants entering coastal waters. Contaminants may include non-human pathogenic microorganisms, nutrients, suspended solids, diluted cleaning products and dissolved salts.

 The applicant has requested a consent duration of 10 years for CRC201187, CRC201188, CRC201191 and CRC201192 (during construction), and 35 years for CRC201190 and CRC201194. 


 Full details of the application and to make a submission visit the Environment Canterbury website: www.ecan.govt.nz (search ‘Open notified consents’) and viewed at Environment Canterbury office at 200 Tuam Street, Christchurch; and 75 Church Street, Timaru.

Any person may make a written submission on any of the above applications.

All submissions should be sent to Environment Canterbury, PO Box 345 Christchurch 8140; or emailed to hearings@ecan.govt.nz; or made online at the above link. A copy of the submission must also be sent to the Applicant at the address for service stated above.

 For advice on the Environment Canterbury applications please phone 03 353 9007 or 0800ECINFO (0800 324 636).

Submissions must be received by Environment Canterbury no later than 5 p.m. on Friday 13 December 2019.

Note: If you are making your submission online please check that you receive a response email. If you do not receive this email please contact Hearings@ecan.govt.nz as your submission may not have been received.

All onine submissions are automatically forwarded to the Applicant

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To request making a late submission, please contact Hearings at Environment Canterbury.