Objection or appeal

You may wish to object to and/or appeal a decision made during the consenting process. Our staff can help you understand the procedures required to lodge an objection or appeal. Additionally, you can consult a lawyer or suitably qualified resource management consultant.

You have the right to object about decisions made by the council under section 357 of the RMA.
  • If your application is determined 'incomplete' under s88(3) of the Act, you have a right to object to the consent authority.
  • If your suspended application is returned under s91C(2) of the Act, you have a right to object to the consent authority.

Request for further information

  • Under section 92(1) of the Act, a council may ask for further information regarding an application; section 92(2) allows the council to request the commissioning of a report regarding your application. You have the right to refuse or agree to either of these requests. However, you must respond within 15 working days of the request stating your response. If you do not reply, refuse to provide the information or refuse the report, the council must publicy notify your application.


  • You have the right to object if your submission is struck out under s41C(7) by the consent authority.
  • If your submission is declined to be processed or considered by the board of enquiry exercising the power of a consent authority under s99(8), you have the right to object.
If you are not happy with a resource consent decision via a hearing
If you are an applicant and not satisfied with the decision, you may:
  • Lodge an objection within 15 days with the regional council, which is only possible if there were no submissions; or
  • Lodge an appeal with the Environment Court.
If you are a submitter and not satisfied with the decision you may lodge an appeal with the Environment Court.
You must have legal standing under the Resource Management Act and understand the procedures that need to be followed before you lodge an objection or appeal. If you fail to follow correct procedures your appeal may be dismissed without you having the opportunity to present your case.

Certificates of Compliance

If you request a Certificate of Compliance, you can object to the regional council decision regarding that request under s139(13)(a) of the RMA.

The Environment Court is administered by the Justice Department and is presided over by a Judge with expertise in planning and resource management issues. The Environment Court can override the decisions of local authorities.

It will hear the application again but will have regard to the regional council’s decision, unless issues are negotiated between the parties to the appeal beforehand.

If you wish to appeal to the Environment Court, you must do so within 15 working days of receiving the regional council’s resource consent decision. There are set procedures and court fees involved.