6. Is my application complete and accepted to process?

We have 10 working days to get back to you to assess whether your application is complete and can be processed.

When your application arrives at the regional council it will be checked to make sure it is complete and the correct fee/deposit has been paid.

A consent planner will audit the application to ensure there is enough information to enable it to be processed.

If necessary, you will be asked for more information. Then a decision will be made on whether or not your application should be notified.

Application checklist

Please make sure you have supplied:

  • Name and address of applicant
  • A location plan
  • An accurate description of what you want to do
  • An assessment of the likely effects on the environment, both positive and negative.  This must include effects on land, air, water and on other people and a description of what you intend to do to avoid, remedy or mitigate any adverse effects
  • A record of any consultation with neighbours, iwi and any other affected parties
  • What monitoring you think is necessary, both while your project is underway and after you have completed it and who you think should do it
  • The necessary deposit/fee