Four ways to have your say

Your voice matters. Hearing from you helps us. Here are four ways you can have your say for your Canterbury.

Four ways to have your say for Canterbury:

1. Comment on a proposal or consultation

Your ‘two cents’ is actually worth a lot. Proposals come along all the time where we want to understand the perspective and preferences of people like you. It helps with our decision making.

Sometimes these proposals are so significant that we’re required by law to consult with the community. This could be for something like a new environmental plan or transport policy.

Find out what’s currently open for you to have your say.

2. Present at a Council meeting
Got something that you think the Council needs to hear? You can request 10 minutes at a Council meeting to present the ideas or concerns of you or your group.
Council meetings are open to the public and ‘on the record’.
Find out more about attending Council meetings.
3. Participate in a panel

Some things benefit from a bit of brainstorming. You can ask to join community panels where we’ll discuss ideas before they become a plan, policy or proposal.

Sign up for an online community panel.

4. Contact a Councillor

Our Councillors represent your Canterbury and focus on the ‘big picture’ direction of the region. You can contact them directly to share your thoughts or ideas.

Got questions? Contact the customer services team on 0800 324 636.