Living Here is sent to all households in the Canterbury region to give residents an overview of what is happening in the region, and a look at the work of Environment Canterbury.  

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Summer 2017 edition

Check your letterbox from 8 December 2017 for the summer edition.


It's complicated

In each edition a complicated issue will be highlighted, and explained in a short video or videos.  Environment Canterbury’s Chief Scientist or a member of the team aim to clarify a topical, complex subject, such as irrigation and the region’s water supply.

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Photo competition winner

Canterbury’s landscapes make amazing images – and in each edition of Living Here we will showcase part of the region. 

The winning image was taken by Cindy Merritt of Christchurch, who took this picture on a walk around Purau Bay. 

Cantabrians are also invited to submit images to for a chance to have your image in a future issue.

Walk around Purau Bay