Court injunction prevents sculpture being placed outside ECan offices

An injunction has been granted preventing any person erecting or otherwise locating or situating a sculpture of the Hon Nick Smith, Minister for the Environment and Building and Housing, on the land outside 200 Tuam Street, Christchurch, or on any land owned, controlled, or administered by the Canterbury Regional Council (Environment Canterbury).   

Environment Canterbury sought the injunction on the basis of the offensive nature of the statue and the proposed location on the Peter Scoular Park outside the Tuam Street building. 

The proposed location is of significance to the city and the Scoular family, and the land has been blessed by Ngāi Tahu. 

Kōhatu mauri (boulders which have been blessed and now have a life force recognised by Ngāi Tahu) are located on the land, gifted by the ten regional Rūnanga.  

Read a copy of the judge’s decision and the high court injunction.