Going beyond compliance to A+ sustainability

Compliance in Canterbury’s marine farming industry has transpired as a result of collaborative efforts with Environment Canterbury and the marine farming community. 

75% compliance for marine farming consentsThe majority of marine farms have introduced new internal processes to ensure on-going compliance.

These processes involve new maintenance, monitoring and reporting programmes and many farms have increased the frequency of operational and maintenance farm checks.

Seventy five percent are now compliant with work being done to achieve compliance with the other 25%.

Alongside goals for continued compliance, the Banks Peninsula marine farmers are working over and above towards A+ sustainability (under the government and industry funded Sustainable Aquaculture Scheme).  Environment Canterbury is working with other regional councils to ensure marine monitoring is consistent across regions.

2016-17 Monitoring for Compliance Snapshot Report

For further information read the 2016-17 Compliance and Monitoring Annual Regional Snapshot report.