South Coastal Canterbury plan change to be made operative

Plan Change 3 to the Canterbury Land & Water Regional Plan, covering the South Coastal Canterbury area is now operative. 

The South Coastal Canterbury Plan Change addresses both water quality and water quantity in the catchment.

Environment Canterbury Councillor Peter Skelton said the main focus of the Plan Change is on nutrient management.  For this purpose, the South Coastal Canterbury area is divided into three management areas.

“The Plan Change sets limits for improving water quality, particularly in Wainono Lagoon, while also providing opportunities for economic development,” Professor Skelton said.  “A new schedule sets out good farm practices relating to nutrient management, irrigation management, grazing of intensively farmed stock, cultivation and collected animal effluent.”

Zone Committees recommendations

The Lower Waitaki - South Coastal Canterbury Zone Committee recommended putting in place policies and rules to help achieve community goals for freshwater management in the South Coastal Canterbury area after consulting with the community in 2015.  Plan Change 3 represents the regulatory part of the Zone Committee’s recommendations.

The Plan Change attracted one appeal, from Federated Farmers.  This appeal was withdrawn on 31 May 2017, leaving the way open for the Plan Change to be made operative.

Follow the link for more information on the South Coastal Canterbury Plan Change.

Background – Land & Water Regional Plan

The operative Land & Water Regional Plan sets the framework to implement community aspirations for water through the Canterbury Water Management Strategy, a community led, collaborative approach to improve water outcomes throughout the region.

The Land & Water Regional Plan operates at two levels – a region-wide section and 10 sub- region sections. The policies and rules in the sub-region sections can apply instead of, or in addition to, policies and rules in the region-wide section.

The sub-region sections implement the region-wide objectives in the plan in the most appropriate way for the catchment. Not all sub-region sections have yet been completed.

For more information on the Land & Water Regional Plan, go to