Cloud Ocean abatement notice cancelled

Today Environment Canterbury cancelled an abatement notice issued to Cloud Ocean Water which had stopped it taking water.

Cloud Ocean Water, a commercial water bottling operation based in Belfast, was granted a consent CRC182813 in December 2017 to take water from its 33-metre bore.

The notice, issued on August 24, required Cloud Ocean to stop taking water as it had breached consent conditions. For Environment Canterbury to cancel it, Cloud Ocean needed to properly activate its consent (including providing us with verification certificates) and ensure water metering data was provided.

Cloud Ocean has now complied with these requirements. The issue with the water data logger was a technical fault, however, there were two on-site flow meters which had continued to record the volume taken but were not connecting through to the data meter properly. As the two flow meters were working correctly, we know how much water was taken prior to the consent being activated.

The data shows they took less than one per cent of their annual consented volume.

We are confident the other two flow meters were, and continue to be, working correctly, and that the fault is now fixed. However, we will continue to monitor Cloud Ocean on a regular basis to ensure compliance.

For more information about enforcement, and a list of abatement notices please see our Investigations and enforcement page.