Latest news from the Harbourmaster

The Harbourmaster’s Office’s latest newsletter, sent to swing mooring owners and other interested groups, is now available to read. If you’re short on time, below is a quick recap of the main stories.

New acting Harbourmaster

There’s been a switch up of roles as Jim Dilley has taken extended leave to go sailing around New Zealand.  Ian Fox is the new Acting Regional Harbourmaster and Guy Harris is the new Acting Deputy Regional Harbourmaster.

Progress on AIS receiver system

The first Automated Identification System (AIS) receiver has been installed, giving the Harbourmaster a 24/7 feed of vessel AIS signals, without the gaps in traffic.  This means the team can better monitor traffic in the area.

No excuses for lifejackets

Most boaties are behaving well and following the safety rules this summer.  Wearing a lifejacket is compulsory on all boats measuring six metres or less (including kayaks and paddleboards, unless you’re surfing with a leg rope attached).  You must also ensure your boat meets vessel identification rules in the 2016 bylaw.

Swing mooring update

New specifications for swing moorings have been in place for almost six months. There’s no need to worry about existing mooring systems, but when it comes time to update them you must adhere to new specifications.

For more information on any of the above stories, read the full newsletter.