Change coming soon for some Metro fares

From Monday 22 July, some Metro fares will increase, with the main changes being to the adult cash fare and the child cash and Metrocard fares. The adult Metrocard fare in Greater Christchurch remains the same.

Environment Canterbury’s Long-Term Plan 2018-28 sets out a 2.5% increase in overall public transport fare revenue each year for the first three years of the Plan. Senior manager public transport Stewart Gibbon says that the fare revenue increase was included in the Long-Term Plan to help cover inflation and increased operating costs.

“We are now in the process of implementing the increase for the second year,” Gibbon said.

“We recognise that any increase in fares can be an inconvenient adjustment for passengers and we appreciate the understanding as we work through the fare revenue increases agreed to during the Long-Term Plan process.

“It’s important to us and to the community that public transport remains affordable to rate payers and users to enable more people to choose public transport more often. We’re confident that our fares in Canterbury are relatively low compared to other main centres and we will continue to do our best to maintain this as we balance growing and improving services with keeping public transport affordable.”

What’s changing?

In Greater Christchurch, adult cash fares will increase by 20 cents, but the adult Metrocard fare remains the same as it had an increase last July. Child Metrocard fares will increase by up to 15 cents, and child cash fares will increase by 40 cents. There are also changes to the airport fare for a child.

In Timaru, adult Metrocard fares will increase by 5 cents and the cash fare will increase by 10 cents. Child cash fares will increase by 10 cents, while the Metrocard fare remains unchanged. There are also changes to the fares to travel to Washdyke and Temuka.

Head to the Metro website for full details:

Travel with a Metrocard

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