Dangerous boating behaviour results in first summer infringement

A jet skier’s dangerous behaviour on a Canterbury lake has resulted in the first infringement issued by the Regional Harbourmaster’s Office for the summer boating season.

The jet skier received the infringement notice and a $100 fine for using a reserved area for the improper purpose of doing donuts, which resulted in colliding with another vessel towing a biscuit.

Jet skier was not following rules and bylaw

This incident occurred on Loch Laird in the Waitaki Lakes, and the vessel received a large hole on its side from the collision.

This behaviour in a reserved area is contrary to the Maritime Transport Act 1994 and Canterbury Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw (PDF File, 6.47MB).

Navigation safety officer Gary Manch said it is concerning having to issue infringement notices because of risky behaviour.

Manch hopes that people using the waterways in Canterbury take the time to learn the rules and bylaw conditions before going on the water.

"Failure to learn the rules puts yourself and others in serious danger," he said.

“We want people to have fun out on the water over the busy summer period, but it’s important that whatever your level of experience or vessel you’re using, before heading out on the water make sure you’ve prepped your vessel, checked your gear, and know the rules."

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