Public transport at Alert Level 1

Public transport at Alert Level 1

Canterbury is currently at COVID-19 Alert Level 1. Here’s what you need to know when using public transport.

Welcoming back Alert Level 1

Canterbury moved back to level one at 11.59pm Monday 21 September. Although physical distancing is no longer required, there are still a few things to keep in mind when travelling on public transport:

  • We’re keeping up our additional cleaning regime, including more deep cleans and frequent cleaning of high touch spaces.
  • Contact tracing is still required. Paying with a registered Metrocard will help us to support contact tracing efforts if needed. You’ll continue to see posters with the NZ COVID Tracer QR code onboard our vehicles, and we’ll soon be rolling out more – please remember to scan the code each time you make a journey. If you are unable to scan the QR code, don’t worry – you can call 03 366 8855 to register your travel.
  • Although at level one face coverings are no longer compulsory, they do provide an extra level of protection in settings where there is little or no physical distancing between people, like on a bus, and we encourage you to still keep up the good habit of wearing one if you can to help keep everyone safe.
  • And of course, the usual health guidelines continue. If you’re sick, stay home. Report any flu-like symptoms. Wash and dry your hands, cough into your elbow, don’t touch your face. 

Be prepared by going contactless

Using a Metrocard is the best way to pay at all alert levels. We strongly encourage our passengers to reduce their use of cash, even at alert level one.

  • Don’t have a Metrocard? They cost $5 and can be ordered online or purchased from a Metro agent. When you get your card, register it online using the registration code that came with your card. You can also choose to receive service updates from us, so we can keep you directly informed if things change with the COVID-19 situation – just tick the box when setting up your account.
  • Already pay by Metrocard? Think about switching your Metrocard top-ups to online if you don’t already. You can set up automatic top-ups, top-up using a credit/debit card, or use our account-to-account option.

Taking steps to reduce your cash use now means that, if we end up facing a situation of being in a higher alert level again and can’t accept cash onboard, you are already prepared and ready to be entirely contactless.

Additionally, the more people using Metrocards, the better we can support the government’s contact tracing efforts if required – something of high importance at all alert levels.

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More information

Head to the Metro website to see the latest updates for Greater Christchurch and Timaru