Timaru Link timetable reduces as MyWay grows

MyWay by Metro, Timaru’s on-demand public transport service, is now well into its trial. The next step in the trial is to adjust the Timaru Link timetable, with changes taking effect from Monday 14 September.

Timaru operations manager Judith Earl-Goulet said the Link’s Saturday service will be replaced by an additional MyWay vehicle running on Saturdays.

“MyWay has had excellent feedback so far from our community. This is a trial and it’s important we continue to make adjustments to see the service reach its full potential,” Earl-Goulet said.

“Part of the plan for the trial included gradually phasing out the Link. On 14 September, we will implement the first stage of this, which will see the Link’s Saturday service removed and replaced by an additional MyWay vehicle, as well as the removal of some of the early and late weekday trips that have very low patronage of 1–3 people per trip.

“We are excited to see the growing level of demand for MyWay, particularly at peak times when we are often reaching capacity. Removing these services enables us to provide a better service on MyWay where the demand is growing.”

The numbers

The Link services being removed during the week currently have very low demand, with only 1–3 people per trip. It is uneconomic to continue operating these services.

Saturday’s Link trip numbers are about 65 people per day (or about three per trip on average), compared to 175 per day on MyWay. Adding another MyWay vehicle will enable us to easily accommodate patronage from the Saturday Link services.

“We realise this is another change for the community to come to grips with, however we have seen how well Timaruvians have already embraced MyWay, and feel confident it is time for the next step in the trial,” Earl-Goulet said.

From Monday 14 September, the Link timetable will see the first trip in the clockwise direction start from Highfield Mall at 7:38AM, with the last trip finishing at Station St at 4.50PM. In the anti-clockwise direction, the service will start at 7.40AM and finish by 4.30PM. See the full timetable

Permanent extension to school service

As part of the Covid-19 response, two trips a day were retained on the former Gleniti route to help with the school peak, and to ease pressure on MyWay at these times. This service has been renamed to Timaru Schools 2. 

“We’re pleased to confirm that from 14 September, the route for the Timaru Schools 2 service will be extended to encourage students to use this service, helping ease the capacity pressure on MyWay during morning and afternoon peaks,” Earl-Goulet said.

“We’re requesting that all school students along this route use this dedicated school service, rather than MyWay, to get to and from school, and ask for parents' help in encouraging their children to do so. Using MyWay during the school peaks causes capacity issues and it may take longer to get a ride at these times, causing children to be late for school.”

The Timaru Schools 2 service provides access to Timaru Boys', Timaru Girls', Roncalli, Timaru South School, Sacred Heart, Bluestone School and Waimataitai School. See the timetable.

Getting on board with MyWay

The fastest and easiest way to book a trip is through the MyWay by Metro app.

Bookings can also be made online or by phoning the team on 03 688 5544.

Earl-Goulet encourages anyone who is unsure about using MyWay for the first time to get in touch. “Our friendly, local team is on hand to provide guidance and assistance, and there are many options for those who are unable to use the app, including many local agents who offer a booking on behalf service,” she said. 

Learn more at MyWay by Metro.

older-style orange Metro card

Older-style orange Metrocards expiring soon 

Do you have one of the older-style orange Metrocards? These cards expire on 15 October, and must be replaced before then.

Metro is providing free replacement cards, which can be obtained from the Timaru iSite at 2 George Street.