Check conditions before burning outside

Open fire season began in Canterbury on 20 May, but be sure to check the conditions before lighting an outdoor burn. 

Southern zone delivery lead, Brian Reeves said “Outdoor burns are permitted activities under the Canterbury Air Regional Plan, but they must meet certain conditions. Burns must be on properties greater than two hectares; can only involve dry vegetation, untreated wood, paper and cardboard; and cannot cause a smoke nuisance for neighbours”.

This reminder comes after several burn-offs occurred throughout the Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora zone once restrictions were lifted on 20 May. One of those, near Milford, caused a significant smoke haze across the Temuka township and difficult driving conditions in the area. Environment Canterbury received multiple complaints about this burn and located the source of the smoke at around 5pm.

“The person responsible was very apologetic and agreed to start extinguishing the fire right away. An infringement has been issued because of the impact it caused”, Reeves said. “This could have been avoided with good planning and awareness of the weather conditions”.

Outdoor burning rules

There are different conditions for outdoor burns, depending on the type of burning – read our outdoor burning rules for more information.

Anyone wanting to burn outdoors should also check before lighting any fire.