New community organisation fund taking action for the environment

Applications are open for a new contestable fund for community organisations who want to take action for a better environment in Canterbury.

Building community engagement and action

The Waitaha Action to Impact Fund was established to enhance community engagement and action, and encourage environmental projects that are led by and involve communities across the region.

To apply, community organisations must have legal entity status and be a registered charity or not-for-profit organisation. The fund is not open to applications from individuals, businesses, educational institutions or government agencies.

Eligible organisations can apply for between $5,000 and $30,000 per year for projects that align with Council’s Strategic Direction.

Valuing community organisations

We value the contribution of community organisations as they bring local knowledge and networks; raise community awareness and buy-in; as well as mobilising volunteers. They may be small locally focused groups of volunteers or larger non-government organisations employing staff.

The Waitaha Action to Impact fund was an initiative from our Long-Term Plan 2021–31. For the fund’s first year, Council have allocated a total of $100,000 with a plan to increase the money available in subsequent years. 

Apply for the fund

If you think your community organisation has a suitable project, check out the fund guide and eligibility criteria.

Applications are open until 11 October 2021.

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