Councillors selected for regionally significant committees

At the Canterbury Regional Council meeting on Thursday 17 November, councillors made decisions about memberships of regionally significant committees.

Elected members of Environment Canterbury are appointed to a number of statutory and joint committees. These committees work throughout the Canterbury region to deliver better outcomes for our communities.

Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee

The Greater Christchurch Partnership Committee, independently chaired by Jim Palmer and administered by Christchurch City Council, will feature Chair Peter Scott, and Councillors Grant Edge and Vicky Southworth.

This committee is a voluntary partnership to establish an agreed strategic framework to manage growth and address urban development, regeneration, resilience and wellbeing matters for greater Christchurch.

These elected members have also been appointed to Whakawhanake Kainga (Urban Growth Partnership for Greater Christchurch). Whakawhanake Kainga is a collaborative approach to working together to advance shared urban growth objectives relating to housing, infrastructure and land use within the context of the Urban Growth Agenda.

Environment Canterbury has been invited to and agreed to rejoin the Canterbury Waste Joint Committee, which supports Canterbury’s territorial authorities in waste minimisation and management. Councillors David East and Joe Davies have been appointed.

Canterbury Water Management Strategy Zone Committees

One Councillor has also been appointed to each of the nine Canterbury Water Management Strategy Zone Committees as follows:

  • Councillor Mackenzie as a member of the CWMS Ashburton Zone Committee,
  • Councillor Dietsche as a member of the CWMS Banks Peninsula Zone Committee,
  • Councillor Byrnes as a member of the CWMS Christchurch-West Melton Zone Committee,
  • Councillor Edge as a member of the CWMS Kaikōura Zone Committee,
  • Councillor East as a member of the CWMS Lower Waitaki-South Coastal Canterbury Zone Committee,
  • Councillor Swiggs as a member of the CWMS Orari-Temuka-Opihi-Pareora Zone Committee,
  • Councillor Southworth as a member of the CWMS Selwyn-Waihora Zone Committee,
  • Councillor Ward as a member of the CWMS Upper Waitaki Zone Committee and
  • Councillor McKay as a member of the CWMS Waimakariri Zone Committee.

Local authorities and Rūnanga members on each Zone Committee appoint their own representatives.

Water Zone Committees

Community members on each CWMS Zone Committee are appointed by the respective local authorities on a rotating membership with one third of community member positions open for appointment each year.

The Water Zone Committees were established in accordance with the Local Government Act 2002 to implement the Canterbury Water Management Strategy and they are the primary vehicle for collaborative approach to delivering the strategy in each water management zone.

Canterbury Regional Transport Committee

The Canterbury Regional Transport Committee is required by Section 105(1) of the Land Transport Management Act 2003 and is responsible for preparing the Regional Land Transport Plan, reviewing the Plan and monitoring progress against outcomes.

It will be chaired by Chair Peter Scott. Councillor Grant Edge has been appointed Deputy Chair.

The committee will also feature members from the region’s territorial authorities, Waka Kotahi and sector groups, with nominations for appointment reported to Council in due course. The chair and deputy chair of this committee have also been offered membership to the South Island Regional Transport Committee, which is a collaboration to significantly improve transport outcomes in the South Island.

Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Joint Committee

Environment Canterbury Councillor John Sunckell has been appointed to the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Joint Committee.

This is a joint committee under the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002 and is made up of elected representatives from the region’s territorial authorities.

Te Waihora Co-Governance Group

Two Councillors were elected to the Te Waihora Co-Governance Group, joining Chair Peter Scott, who becomes co-chair of the Group. The other Councillors are Councillor Pauling and Councillor Cranwell.

Appointments to Council committees

Also of note at the meeting were decisions about who would feature on some standing Council committees. These are committees established by the Council with delegations to make decisions on specific matters, or make recommendations where the Council is the decision maker.

Audit, Finance and Risk Committee

The Audit, Finance and Risk Committee is in place to address audit, external financial reporting, financial risk management and internal control.

It is made up of six Councillors and two independent members. (The independent members reappointed are Graham Naylor (until 31 December 2023) and Graeme McGlinn (until 31 March 2023).)

This triennium the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee will include Councillors Ian Mackenzie, Grant Edge, Nuk Korako, John Sunckell, Vicky Southworth, and Genevieve Robinson.

Councillor Grant Edge has been appointed Chair and Councillor John Sunckell as Deputy Chair. Audit, Finance and Risk will meet for the first time on 8 December.

Chief Executive Employment, Performance and Remuneration Committee

The Chief Executive Employment, Performance and Remuneration Committee takes responsibility for matters relating to the Chief Executive’s employment and performance.

It will be chaired by Chair Peter Scott, and other committee members include Deputy Chair Craig Pauling and Councillors Ian Mackenzie, Iaean Cranwell and Claire McKay.

The first meeting of this committee will be on 28 November.

Regulation Hearing Committee

The Regulation Hearing Committee appoints independent Hearing Commissioners under the Resource Management Act processes and make decisions on resource consent applications in accordance with delegated powers.

This triennium the committee will be made up of Councillors David East, Grant Edge, Joe Davies, Claire McKay, Deon Swiggs and Deputy Chair Craig Pauling.

Councillor McKay will be the Chair and Deputy Chair Pauling the Deputy Chair.

This committee will first meet on 24 November.

Plan Change 7 Appeals Committee

The Plan Change 7 Appeals Committee receives advice and provides guidance to the Chief Executive as to how the Council will respond to each of the appeals lodged on the Council’s decision on Proposed Plan Change 7 (PC7) to the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP).

Councillor David East will be the Chair of this committee.

The committee will also be made up of Councillor John Sunckell and Deputy Chair Craig Pauling. This committee will meet as required.

A full Environment Canterbury committee structure and membership are yet to be considered by the Council.