Wet Canterbury summer leaves surface and groundwater levels unseasonably high

If you thought this summer was a lot wetter than normal, you’re right – especially after a few relatively dry years.

Our freshwater snapshot shows that summer rainfall levels above normal for the time of year have led to healthy flows in most of Canterbury’s rivers and streams.

Groundwater levels have risen significantly from extreme lows early last winter. While the effect is most notable in shallower wells, even deep groundwater wells are trending higher.

A weakening La Niña weather pattern could see temperatures and rainfall across Canterbury return to expected autumnal levels.

Summer seasonal snapshot

Our Canterbury water this season webpage reports on the water levels in our rivers and streams, groundwater and soil, as well as the rainfall over the previous three months.

It compares these levels against the long-term median level for the same season in previous years.

The Summer 2021/2022 update saw healthy soil moisture but groundwater levels were still near or slightly below the long-term summer median.