What’s this rates increase all about?

You may have heard we're proposing a 24% rate increase as part of proposed changes to our Long-Term Plan 2021–31. While that might sound like a lot, it doesn’t necessarily mean your total rates bill will go up by 24%.

We've developed a new rates section on our website to help you better understand your rates bill and what a rates increase would mean for you. Overall, there are two important factors to consider:

Rates increases are based on different factors

A proposed rates revenue increase means the total amount of rates funding collected by the Council would increase. However, the exact amount for each property will vary based on what the additional funding is allocated for.

For example, our Council is currently consulting on a proposed new fare structure for buses in Greater Christchurch.

While this will require an increase in the total amount of rates collected, it will greatly impact those residents who have access to the bus service. Those that do not have access to the service at all – for example in Mackenzie District - will not see this increase on their bill at all.

Additionally, for many rate types, the amounts are based on the Capital Value of your property. So those with higher value properties pay more than those with lower value properties.

Find out how your rates are spent.

Our rates are only part of your bill

On your rates bill, you have two invoices: one for your city/district council, and one for your regional council. Environment Canterbury is the regional council for Canterbury.

A rates increase for Environment Canterbury will only affect the regional council portion of your bill, and usually, it’s the smaller portion.

The reason for this is to reduce administration costs and to simplify it for the recipient. You save money, and you only have to pay one bill instead of two.

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