Cones Road Community Planting Day

Come down to the Rakahuri on Saturday 24 September at 10am and join us in planting seedings.

What: Community planting day 

When: Saturday 24 September, approximately 10am - 1pm

Where: The area between the primary and secondary stopbanks west of Cones Road – Ashley River/Rakahuri.

RSVP: Not required, but feel free to join the event on Facebook

Things to bring: Please bring your own shovel, gloves, water bottle, and sturdy shoes.

This work is part of the Rangiora Reach Masterplan, which is a collaborative project between us and Waimakariri District Council.


"This planting is an outcome of engagement with the community and stakeholders to develop a masterplan around what people would like to see happen in this area," Environment Canterbury Braided River Revival Regional Lead Greg Stanley said.

"Many people told us that they would like to see planting carried out in this year's planting season if it could be done in a way that would still enable the flood overflow function of the area."

This is a really important recreational space for our community used by walkers, runners, cyclists, and dog walkers who enjoy the myriad of trails by the river.

"While the area can't be fully replanted, smaller, deliberately located nodes of low height natives with a small number of well-maintained shade trees can be planted for the community to enjoy.

"Low height dryland natives will fold over in a flood and won't impede the flow capacity and function of the floodway," he said.

In 2020, we carried out some tree removal between the primary and secondary stopbank in this area to ensure that the area could function as a floodway if the primary stopbank fails. The majority of the felled trees were in very poor health and were rotten in the middle making them unstable and a hazard to park users. The plants that are being installed will be maintained on annual contract.

The community will have another opportunity to contribute to the development of the Rangiora Reach Masterplan later this year.

Forest & Bird Sanctuary Winter Planting

Another communtiy planting day on Saturday 24 September at Coutts Island Road will see 'The Sanctuary' along the Waimakariri River also get some plants in the ground.

Find out more about this event on the Forest & Bird website