From our Chair: Thank you for having your say on the draft Long-Term Plan

Jenny Hughey, Chair, Environment Canterbury

Jenny Hughey, Chair, Environment Canterbury

On behalf of Council, a sincere thank you to all those who took the time to make a submission on Environment Canterbury’s draft Long-Term Plan 2021-31.

We have received just under 1300 submission from across the region, covering all the key issues raised in the consultation document, including water quality, biodiversity, climate change, rates affordability and borrowing.

We have some big decisions ahead of us, so it is great that we’ve had a strong response from our stakeholders and communities.

We have heard from people with a wide range of views on a wide range of topics, and it is now up to the Council to listen, reflect on the feedback, and land a ten-year plan that is going to deliver real change at a pace that is affordable.

Next steps

The next steps are to fully review all the submissions and prepare for hearings at the end of the month.

Submitters who indicated in their submission that they wished to present to Council in person at a hearing meeting are being contacted now.

Council will deliberate on the submissions in a public meeting on 20 May before adopting the final plan on 17 June.