Ashburton Water Zone Committee refresh

The Ashburton Water Zone Committee is pleased to introduce its newest members: Adi Avnit, Clare Buchanan and Sidinei Teixera. Chris Allen and Angela Cushnie were also reappointed to the committee.

New zone committee member Adi Avnit

Adi Avnit

Most of Canterbury’s water zone committees have undergone a refresh this year, with members who have served three years on the committee being ‘refreshed’ with new members.

The refresh ensures a flow of fresh ideas and opinions at the committee table, and that serving members are given a break from a demanding community role.

Adi Anvit

Adi moved to New Zealand with his family five years ago from Israel. Coming from a dry country he understands the importance of water resources to the wellbeing of the community.

Although a software developer by trade, for the past three and a half years Adi has been working for the local multicultural council, supporting and empowering migrants and ethnic communities in mid-Canterbury. He comes with a strong background in IT and community engagement.

New zone committee member Clare Buchanan

Clare Buchanan

Clare Buchanan

Clare is the Head of Environment and Innovation at Align Farms, where she is working on a regenerative agriculture trial, and splits her time between Westerfield and Christchurch.

She is passionate about biodiversity and conservation. Her previous work as a Farm Environmental Consultant has equipped her with a strong understanding of the legislation surrounding freshwater management and the resulting on-farm compliance.

Clare enjoys collaboration and hopes to contribute to positive water outcomes for the Ashburton catchment and community.

Sidinei Teixera

Sidinei is the head of the science department at Mount Hutt College and is currently studying a master’s in water resource management at Lincoln University.

New zone committee member Sidinei Teixera

Sidinei Teixera

She has been teaching general science and chemistry in New Zealand for over 14 years and is passionate about the environment and its conservation.

Sidinei's goal is to continue teaching and influence young learners to use our natural and physical resources sustainably.

This year’s refresh saw 30 community members from around Canterbury join their local water zone committees to assist in decision-making around water management in catchments they care about.

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