Banks Peninsula Water Zone Committee welcomes three new members

The Banks Peninsula Water Zone Committee is pleased to introduce its newest members, Trudi Bishop, George Howden and Elisa Knight. Gina Waibl was also reappointed to the committee.

Most of Canterbury’s water zone committees have undergone a refresh this year, which has seen members who have served three years on the committee ‘refreshed’ with new members.

This ensures a flow of fresh ideas and opinions at the committee table, and that serving members are given a break from a demanding community role.

New zone committee member Trudi Bishop

Trudi Bishop

About Trudi Bishop

Trudi, originally from Ashburton, is a resident of Beckenham who recently returned to Aotearoa from the UK with her family. She spends most weeks roaming in the Banks Peninsula hills.

During 2020 she trained under Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader and has a strong interest in the environment and quality of our waterways. Trudi comes from a product marketing and branding background within the toy and licensing industry.

While running her own brand consultancy, she wrote articles on the climate emergency, brand purpose and helped drive change within the toy industry toward minimising the industry's environmental footprint.

This year’s refresh saw 30 community members from around Canterbury join their local water zone committees to assist in decision making around water management in catchments they care about.

George's background

George is a third-generation farmer in Port Levy. "Our land, waterways and bay are something I am very passionate about and I want to make sure they are looked after for future generations, for everyone."

By living and working in this environment, George has a practical and close relationship with the waterways.

New zone committee member Elisa Knight

Elisa Knight

What made Elisa Knight join

Elisa is keen to have input into important decision making which directly affects the natural resources in her local area – not just for her personally but to also amplify the vision and desire of the community with the aim of achieving true representation.

She has an understanding and experience in environmental compliance and the regulatory system, management of stakeholders and communication requirements, broad change management and business knowledge - and a commitment to working with a group of diverse individuals with the ability to negotiate different viewpoints, priorities and backgrounds to achieve outcomes.

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