Zone Committee approve funding for three Immediate Steps projects

Immediate Steps has been a strand of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy since 2010. The funding is allocated to projects that contribute to or help reverse the decline in, indigenous biodiversity outcomes associated with waterways.

The three approved projects in the Christchurch West Melton Zone include a restoration project at Ngātapa farm, a project at Kowhai sanctuary and a pest trapping project at Styx River/Brooklands.

Ngātapa farm

Ngātapa farm is located on the south bank of the Waimakariri River and it contains several spring fed waterways that drain into local wetlands and the Ōtūkaikino river.

The project funding will help to extend existing stock fencing and will enhance two areas of farmland with riparian plantings.

The overall goals of this work are to enhance the biodiversity values in the area by providing improved habitat for braided river bird and forest species and to reduce sediment and nutrient runoff from farmland with a resulting improvement in freshwater quality.

Kowhai sanctuary

A self-sustaining, healthy and protected population of Kowhai and dryland species is the ultimate goal for the Kowhai sanctuary.

The zone committee has previously provided funding for this project and there is also strong support from the local community. Our most recent funding contribution will help with the provision of rabbit-proof fencing, planting and weed control.

The ultimate goal of the sanctuary is to establish a regenerating area of native species and a food source and habitat for native birds.

The sanctuary forms part of the pathway for native species travelling from the foothills and mountains to the coast.

Styx river and Brooklands lagoon

The final project was to provide funding for a trapping project on property bordering the Styx river and Brooklands Lagoon.

Reducing predator numbers in the area will provide an obvious benefit for native bird populations.

Funding for Immediate Steps requires shared funding from landowners, so we enter into these projects in partnership and we look forward to following up on results. I hope to share some of these outcomes with you later in the year.

Kowhai Sanctuary

Successful works in the Kowhai Sanctuary

Styx River Esplanade, Immediate Step Funding will pay for routine mowing and mai

Styx River Esplanade, Immediate Step Funding will pay for routine mowing and maintenance