Important Information for Kaikoura and Hurunui residents

It is often difficult to spot damage to a wastewater system following an earthquake as tanks and soakage lines are buried. However, an unusually bad odour, a low water level in the septic tank, a flooded septic tank, or water ponding at the surface near their soakage lines, could mean that your wastewater system has been affected by the earthquakes.

If your wastewater system has been damaged you will need to replace or fix it as soon as possible. A wastewater system designer/ installer can assist you in working out what kind of repairs or a replacement system and a list of wastewater system designers and installers is included overleaf.

If your replacement system meets certain conditions (included overleaf), you can replace your system without a resource consent, however it may require a building consent from the District or City Council.

Where consents are needed, many insurance companies require that you obtain the consent before they will pay out for the replacement system. You will need to check this with your insurance company.


Contact details for Kaikoura District Council

Phone: 03 319 5026



Contact details for Hurunui District Council

Phone: 03 314 8816

Amuri Toll free to Amberley: 315 8400

Cheviot Toll free to Amberley: 319 8812

Hanmer Toll free to Amberley: 315 8400


The wastewater system designers and installers listed can assist you in identifying whether or not you will need a resource and/or building consent. They can also apply for that consent on your behalf.

If you need a consent you can also apply yourself, by filling in the consent application form here and submitting it to Environment Canterbury.

Remember before starting any work, you should also contact your local District or City Council for advice on building consent requirements.

If you require assistance, or have any additional questions, please contact Environment Canterbury Customer Services at Freephone 0800 324 636 (0800 EC INFO) or via email at

List of wastewater system designers and installers

AJ Drainage – Andrew J Snow
027 240 5634 or

All About Sewage Ltd - Sarah Ratahi Stanfield
03 318 6577 or

Drainage Consultancy and Design Ltd - Malcolm Linton
03 323 9394 or

ecoEng Ltd - Andrew Dakers
03 942 7954 or

Kiwi Pioneer Co Ltd - Mike Copeland
03 789 7709 or

NaturalFlow South Ltd
03 323 8541 or

Oasis Clearwater Environmental Systems
03 344 0262 or

Smart Alliances Limited - Jeremy Harnett
03 319 3172 or

TM Consultants Limited - Marc Jensen
03 348 6066 or

Whiterock Consulting Limited – Fiona Ambury
03 312 8830 or

Situations where resource consent is not required for a replacement domestic wastewater system

If your replacement domestic wastewater treatment system meets the following conditions, you do not require consent to discharge:
1) The discharge volume does not exceed 2 m3 per day; and
2) The discharge is onto or into a site that 4 hectares or more in area; and
3) The discharge is not within an area where residential density exceeds 1.5 dwellings per hectare and the total population is greater than 1000 persons; and
4) The discharge is not onto or into land:

a) where there is an available sewerage network; or
b) that is contaminated or potentially contaminated; or
c) that is listed as an archaeological site; or
d) in circumstances where the discharge would enter any surface waterbody; or
e) within 20 m of any surface waterbody or the Coastal Marine Area; or
f) within 50 m of a bore used for water abstraction; or
g) within a Group or Community Drinking-water Protection Zone as set out in Schedule 1; or
h) where there is, at any time, less than 1 m of vertical separation between the discharge point and groundwater; and

5) The treatment and disposal system is designed and installed in accordance with Sections 5 and 6 of New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1547:2012 – On-site Domestic Wastewater Management; and
6) The treatment and disposal system is operated and maintained in accordance with the system’s design specification for maintenance or, if there is no design specification for maintenance, Section 6.3 of New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1547:2012 – On-site Domestic Wastewater Management; and
7) The discharge does not result in wastewater being visible on the ground surface; and
8) The discharge does not contain any hazardous substance.