Our 2020 vision for Kaikōura

Our Kaikōura office is home to lots of different skills and specialties, with everyone working together to help our taiao (environment) flourish and community prosper. If you have a question, comment or idea, get in touch - we’d love to hear from you as we plan for the future.

Things that might affect you

Winter crop grazing. Credit: DairyNZ

Winter crop grazing. Credit: DairyNZ


Local fencers have been flat out lately, which means lots of new fences! If you plan to fence along waterways, we ask that you check the environmental requirements before driving that first post so that we can help make sure it won’t need relocating in a few months.

Winter grazing

Most of Kaikōura is well ahead of the pack when it comes to winter grazing methods, showing some great management practices. There are requirements for winter grazing/dairy support, and we'd love to chat to you before next winter if you plan to strip and/or crop graze.

Urban rules

Lyell Creek and beach clean up in Kaikōura

Lyell Creek and beach clean up

Our local farmers are working hard to meet rules and requirements which means there’s no excuse for those living in semi-urban and urban areas. Get in touch if you need some suggestions on how you also can get your stuff done in an environmentally friendly way.

Funding for Lyell

With renewed funding interest for Lyell/Waikōau planting and restoration projects, we need people with passion to join the working group. You can help manage this funding and make NIWA’s Stream Study recommendations a reality - such as runoff mitigation, wetland protection and Mill Road stream bank protection and more.


Rubbish tipping

Rubbish tipping

With over 90% of Kaikōura’s natural wetland area being lost, it’s timely to think about how we can work together to stop this decline and protect what's left. A major wetland protection programme throughout our District is being planned for 2020. Stay tuned for more on this.


Two new ways of dealing with pollution incidents have been introduced to help us help the environment. These include on the spot infringing which will eventually be Canterbury wide. The cost of responding to substantiated environmental offences is also now recoverable, including travel, site visit time and administration costs.

Our office is available to:

  • Provide support and guidance on regional rules
  • Provide mapping and property information/advice
  • Provide consent application forms and help with your application
  • Report and respond to environmental incidents - 0800 765 588 (available 24/7) or with the Snap, send, solve app
  • Receive any feedback
  • Connect you with the appropriate people in Environment Canterbury.

Get in touch:

Phone - 03 319 5781

Online - www.ecan.govt.nz/Kaikoura

In-person - Level 2, 96 West End, Kaikōura.