April update: Kaikōura Zone Delivery Manager

It’s been a busy few weeks with lots on, in and out of the office.

Winter is coming (again)! We’re starting to share winter messages now, so you have all the information you need as the weather cools down and we start taking refuge inside at night.

Kevin Heays, Kaikōura Zone Delivery Manager

Outdoor burning

Some rules can change between seasons, so make sure you check whether you need a permit from us to undertake outdoor burning. You should also remember that Fire and Emergency New Zealand has its own seasonal restrictions and permitting requirements.

Please note the below restrictions remain the same for all seasons:

  • No outdoor burning on properties of two hectares or less.
  • No burning of green or wet vegetation.
  • No burning of plastic such as bale/hay wrap etc. You can recycle this material through Plasback.
  • No burning of treated timber.
  • Fridges, driers, ovens, televisions and cars are not to be burnt - don’t waste your matches.
  • Any indoor fireplace installment needs to be registered - ring us on 03 319 5781.

Take any of your general waste to Innovative Waste Kaikōura.

Any waste dumped and identified as yours will result in a hefty fine.

Sourcing firewood

Please remember that you MUST have landowner/manager permission to cut firewood. Any trees on Environment Canterbury land are managed by us and cutting or taking of firewood from our land can result in prosecution if permission is not granted. 

Wetland work continues

We're continuing to work with landowners who have wetlands on their property as part of a nationwide effort to protect areas of land that are rich in biodiversity values. Wet pasture may actually be a wetland and require protection. We can help you to figure this out. Contact our office on 03 319 5781

Community Conversations

We recently had the first Kaikōura Community Conversation session as part of the North Canterbury series to connect our regional staff with local communities. The meetings are supported by our local staff.

These sessions are important and designed to facilitate a conversation about our community. Keep an eye out for the next one and jot down any topics you might want to be covered by these.

Until next time,