Transforming Kaikōura’s freshwater jewel back to its former glory

Be part of the solution to transform Kaikōura’s freshwater jewel back to its former glory.

A refreshing revisit to Lyell Creek/Waikoau is underway to bring the creek back to life and life back to the creek - and we need your help.

We need you to lead our community, to help them take ownership of Lyell Creek and make a real difference to water quality and recreation opportunities throughout Kaikōura, so we can remove that “no swimming” sign! 

Calling for new members 

Love the Lyell Working Group is calling for new members to help plan strategies to:

  • Lead the restoration of the creek and surrounding environment
  • Reduce contaminants going into the creek
  • Enhance natural habitats
  • Support community planting and clean-up days
  • Reach out to bring back our community’s connection to the waterway.

Be part of the solution

Are you a person who wants to join? An organisation? Rural? Urban? Youth? Senior citizen?

We need everyone to play a part in guiding the Love the Lyell group through the large work programme that is currently being planned. Meetings will be kept to a minimum. Find out more by:

  • Getting in touch with your local Environment Canterbury office – call 03 319 5781 or visit Level 2 of the Civic Centre building (96 West End, Kaikōura)
  • Chatting to one of your local Water Zone Committee members

Lyell Creek's importance

Everyone and everything on the Kaikōura Flats, streets, homes and businesses have some connection to, and influence on the creek. That’s why we need your help to protect and enhance the space that was once a central part of Kaikōura’s identity.

Lyell Creek/Waikoau flows from spring heads below the mountains and subsurface flows, through the Kaikōura Flats, along our highway and central business area and out to sea. 

It has important mahinga kai and wider cultural values, recreational and visual amenity values that need our protection and enhancement.