Well water testing - well worth it

Lucy Millar, Chair OTOP Water Zone Committee

Lucy Millar, Chair OTOP Water Zone Committee

The safety of drinking water is increasingly top-of-mind for many communities – especially those in rural areas.

If you’re on a private water supply, you may not realise that you are responsible for testing your own water. You may not know how to even arrange the tests, or what to do with the results.

The Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora (OTOP) Water Zone Committee is keen to raise awareness of this issue, and help you get some answers.

Free water testing events

On Monday 16 May, the committee is holding two free Well Water Check events in Temuka and Fairlie for those with their own private water supply.

This is an opportunity to test nitrate concentrations, and get advice from experts on checking for other contaminants like E-coli.

The results might be a great relief, or a concern – meaning you may want to look at ways to lower the risk of contaminants entering your private drinking water.

Either way, you’ll be armed with information.

Find out more about the event including times and locations.

Understanding your own water supply

While there is plenty of research and test results available on water quality in Canterbury, the data doesn’t mean much unless you know about your own well water.

This event will help you understand the process, and why it’s important to keep an eye on your supply.

For more information on the types of contaminants that can affect drinking water, check out the following web pages:

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Learn more about the water zone committee

The well water testing events are also an opportunity to talk to water zone committee members about water quality issues in your area, and what action is being taken. We are also looking for new members – so feel free to ask us about how to join the committee and how you can play an active role in improving water quality in our community.