Get involved in local water management

With recent events such as Hawke’s Bay drinking water, local body elections upon us and the prospect of another dry summer, the community’s focus is on water issues. That’s where your zone committee comes in.

We are working with farmers to help them with the way they farm so they reduce nutrient leaching and use water efficiently.

We are working with community groups and landowners on projects to improve the local natural environment. We are working with Ngāi Tahu and councils on programmes around Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere.

Water belongs to everybody, so we have a collective responsibility to work together to solve many of the issues. So what can you do?

There are many opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

Farmers can improve their on–farm practices and get involved in catchment groups. Students and others can participate in voluntary programmes. The whole community can use water more efficiently and think about their impact on water quality when they’re enjoying the great outdoors.

There have been several stimulating discussions on water recently. For example, Green Party representatives attended one of our zone committee meetings — everyone is always welcome to come along.

We all want the same thing — improved water quality in our zone. I accept that there may be different ways of getting there but I believe we can achieve far more by working together, and I hope we will.

I encourage you to contribute and share your ideas. Don’t hesitate to talk to your zone committee or local zone delivery team — you can contact them via 0800 324 636.