Funding for Benmore Station project helps protect biodiversity values

Brothers Andrew and Bill Sutherland have completed 2260 metres of stock proof fencing to protect biodiversity values on the mixed sheep and beef farm they own with their wives Kate and Deidre.

The project at Benmore Station received close to $24,000 in Immediate Steps biodiversity funding from the Upper Waitaki water zone committee to help with the work.

The high country station’s 22-hectare Barckleys Wetland feeds into the Wairepo Creek and plays an important role in nutrient filtering, wildlife and plant habitats and sediment control.

The wetland is also home to mature red tussock communities which provide habitat for native birds including Marsh Crake, waterfowl, swans and teal.

The fencing will help keep stock out of the wetland and waterway and willows are also being controlled to help protect the habitat.

Canterbury’s ten water zone committees decide the priorities for each zone and distribute the funding.