Wilding pine removal for Twizel residents

As part of the National Wilding Conifer Control Programme, we are working to remove pest conifer trees from across the region.

We are seeking expressions of interest from landowners within Twizel township and the surrounding area to have problem conifers removed from their property.

Applicable species include:

  • Contorta (lodgepole) pine
  • Corsican pine
  • Scots pine
  • Dwarf mountain pine
  • Mountain pine
  • Larch
  • Douglas fir
  • Ponderosa pine.

In most cases, wilding conifers tree removal will be funded by the programme. 

Why are they a problem?

Wilding conifers, or wilding pine trees, severely alter natural landscapes. In parts of Canterbury, they are the most significant threat to our indigenous biodiversity. They compete with native plants for sunlight, use up water resources, and create a serious risk of more intense wildfires.

Conifer seeds can be blown several kilometres and establish easily. Tackling the wilding issue today by removing seed-producing trees will stop unwanted infestations in our region.

Find out more about wilding conifers and how we manage them under the Canterbury Pest Management Plan.

Register your interest

If you are interested in removing wilding conifers from your property or would like to find out more, please contact project coordinator Stephanie Mercer-Williams stephanie.mercer@ecan.govt.nz by Friday 19 August.

We can also give you advice on native or non-spreading trees to plant, which will suit your needs but won’t create a wilding problem.

Wilding conifer control in Canterbury is supported by the National Wilding Conifer Control Programme, a collaboration led by Biosecurity New Zealand.

We will consider all expressions of interest, however, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.