Waimakariri water zone welcomes a new member

Two members have been appointed to the Waimakariri Water Zone Committee following a refresh process to ensure new perspectives are reflected.

New member, Martha Jolly was recently appointed, and Michael Blackwell was reappointed to the committee.

The refresh ensures a flow of fresh ideas and opinions at the committee table, and that serving members are given a break from a demanding community role.

New committee member Martha Jolly

New committee member Martha Jolly

Vetting of new member reveals a passion for freshwater

Martha is passionate about conservation and freshwater resources and has lived in the zone for around ten years.

She has more than 20 years of experience in clinical veterinary practice and is currently completing a master’s degree in water resource management.

“My relationship with water comes from my deep love of the outdoors, including kayaking, trail running, and tramping in Waitaha/Canterbury and all over Aotearoa.

“In 2009 I competed in the Coast-to-Coast race and spent a lot of time on and around the Waimakariri river, I think that was the spark I needed to become interested in the region’s water policies,” she said.

Helping to preserve and protect our waterways

Martha has an abundance of experience as a volunteer on several committees through her interest in conservation and her professional career as a clinical veterinarian.

She is a volunteer assistant at the Styx Living Laboratory Trust, volunteer educator at Vets for Compassion, volunteer clinician at SPCA NZ, and a member of Forest and Bird NZ.

Her understanding of local waterways has grown since beginning her master’s degree a year ago and joined the committee to get further involved in protecting the area.

“I am interested in the collaborative processes for sustainable resource allocation, biodiversity offsetting, and the translation of science for the community.

“I respect the four well–beings in our resource management: economic; environmental; cultural and social. I am thrilled to be involved in achieving that balance for the Waimakariri region.

“I am very passionate about the sustainable use, preservation, and protection of the waterways for current and future generations,” she said.

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