What we support

We welcome opportunities to work alongside community organisations with an interest in the environment. We provide support for projects and initiatives that align with our strategic priorities.

We may support

  • Tangible goods (plants, building materials etc.)
  • Services (project management, technical advice, education etc.)
  • Community engagement (coordination, facilitation etc.)
  • Capacity and capability (upskilling, salary etc.)
  • Sponsorship/donation (events, awards etc.)

We are unable to support

  • Organisations and/or initiatives that are primarily political in nature
  • Any project that will exclusively result in private gain
  • Any project that is a legal obligation or condition of a resource consent

If your organisation wants to ask for more than one type of support, please combine this into one request. 

Our ability to provide support depends on how well a project aligns with our priorities and whether we have funding available. Even if you meet all our criteria we cannot guarantee we can provide financial or non-financial support.

Talk to us

Alison Bower — Community Partnerships Coordinator     027 742 6509    alison.bower@ecan.govt.nz

Customer Services —     0800 324 636