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Finance / Ngā Kōrero ā-Pūtea

Last updated: 22 February 2023
Reporting frequency: Quarterly
Portfolio: Finance

We must manage our revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, investments, and general financial dealings prudently and in a manner that promotes the current and future interests of the community.

Our budget

The Long-Term Plan Te Pae Tawhiti (LTP) outlines our planned activities for the next 10 years, how much they will cost and how they will be funded. We refresh the LTP every three years. In the years between LTPs, all councils must produce an Annual Plan, with their budget for the next financial year.

  • The Long-Term Plan/Te Pae Tawhiti includes our Financial Strategies, Financial Information and our Funding and Finance Policies.
  • The Annual Plan/Mahere ā Tau 2022/23 presents our budget for the current financial year.
  • The Audit, Risk and Finance Committee of Council assists the Council to provide oversight of financial and non-financial reporting.

How are we doing so far in 2022/23?

To find out how we’re tracking for the current financial year, including revenue and expenditure for each of our portfolios of work programmes and projects, see the February report to the Committee agenda (PDF file, 6.85MB).

General rates are charged based on the capital value of property and location. 

Targeted rates are charged where there is a specific benefit to the property owner.

Grants are received from other agencies.

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