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Integrating urban land use and regional transport

Last updated: 01 November 2023
Reporting frequency: Quarterly
Portfolio: Air quality, transport and urban development

We are working with our partners to manage land use demand and supply in creative and innovative ways, to align land use and transport planning, and champion increased density of urban areas and multi-modal transport options to transform urban environments to enrich how people live and work.

We are supporting the safe and efficient movement of people and freight and ensuring our transport networks and urban environments are resilient to the effects of natural disasters and climate change.

This work includes:

  • preparing Regional Land Transport Plans and providing submissions on Government proposals relating to land transport
  • preparing advice and acting as a secretariat for the Regional Transport Committee, implementing a work programme that aligns with the direction provided by the Mayoral Forum
  • acting as a secretariat for the South Island Regional Transport Committee Chairs Group
  • our role in urban development, including reviewing local and regional policies and plans, and providing advice and support to territorial authorities. We will also begin investigations into developing sub-regional and regional spatial plans.
  • we contribute to partnership discussions and decision making as part of the  Greater Christchurch Partnership (GCP). The partnership provides the opportunity to work collaboratively with our partners to unlock the key opportunities and address the key challenges facing Greater Christchurch.

How are we tracking on our Levels of Service?

Level of Service 30: Support well-functioning transport networks and urban environments across the region.

To achieve this Level of Service, we will: 

  • 30.1: Provide planning, information, advice and support that enables the Regional Transport Committee to advance its priorities. 
  • 30.2: Support the Greater Christchurch Partnership to operate efficiently and effectively. 
  • 30.3: Deliver a regional spatial plan (to commence in 2023/24).  

How are we doing: The Canterbury Regional Transport Committee met on 24 August and again on 5 October 2023. Support was provided to both meetings. Work on the annual report is well underway. Development of a draft Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) is progressing, and we are on track to deliver in November 2023. The draft RLTP will be consulted on in February 2024, Hearings and Deliberations in March, and the Final RLTP approved in April by the Regional Transport Committee and adopted by Canterbury Regional Council in May 2024. 

Canterbury Regional Council leadership are heavily engaged in the planning, delivery and governance of the work of the Greater Christchurch Partnership. The minutes for Committee meetings are available online.  

Initial investigations into the development of a Canterbury regional spatial strategy are underway, including a review of the requirements of the Spatial Planning Act 2023. 

On track

How are we doing on key initiatives?

Greater Christchurch 2050

How are we doing: The Greater Christchurch Partnership is developing the strategic framework and plan in consultation with mana whenua and other partners.

On track
Greater Christchurch Spatial Plan

How are we doing: Public consultation on the draft Spatial Plan was undertaken between 19 June and 23 July. 355 submissions were received, with 144 (approx.) indicating they wish to present to the Hearings Panel. Staff are assisting with coding and summarising submissions and the preparation of the Officers’ Report during August and September. Hearings and deliberations are scheduled to be held in October and November 2023.

On track
Greater Christchurch Transport Plan and Transport Investment programme

How are we doing: Greater Christchurch Partnership is developing the strategic framework for the plan, and an overview of the current transport investment programme, and estimated investment gap, in Greater Christchurch.

On track
Regional Speed Management Plan

How are we doing: The regional approach to implementing the Setting of Speed Limits Rule in Canterbury is being considered by partners and we are continuing to work with Waka Kotahi and Territorial Authorities. 

Work is tracking well and we are providing ongoing support for Territorial Authorities to engage with local Rūnanga. The Regional Speed Management Plan document building is almost complete and we are making updates to the Regional Transport page on our website. 

On track

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