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Investing for the future

Last updated: 01 November 2023
Reporting frequency: Quarterly
Portfolio: Regional and strategic leadership

We are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of existing funding sources and investigating new funding mechanisms to help address legacy environmental issues.

We are also delivering Long-Term Plans, Annual Plans and audited Annual Reports as required by the Local Government Act 2002.

How are we tracking on our Levels of Service?

Level of Service 36: Provide high-quality, accessible Long-Term Plan, Annual Plans, and Annual Reports that set our Council's strategic vision and how we are delivering on it .

To achieve this Level of Service we will ensure our Long-Term Plan, Annual Plans and Annual Reports meet all Local Government Act planning requirements and financial reporting standards.

How are we doing: Our Annual Report | Te Pūrongo ā-Tau 2022/23 was adopted on 25 October 2023. The annual plan for 2024/25 will be year 1 of the Long-Term Plan 2024-34 and work is underway. 

On track
Level of Service 37: Ensure we are an organisation with the capability and willingness to repay its debts.

To achieve this Level of Service we will demonstrate, through independent opinion, our financial strength or creditworthiness.

How are we doing: Our internationally recognised credit rating has been reviewed and we retain our AA+ rating.

Level of Service 38: Invest in activities that deliver agreed climate change outcomes (Environment Canterbury-led and/or collaborative activities embedded across all portfolios).

To achieve this Level of Service we will include funding options for delivering agreed climate change initiatives in our Climate Change Action Plan.

How are we doing: Work is on track. See our update on target 23.2 (complete development of the climate change action plan) in the ‘Preparing for climate change section’ of Reporting Back for more information.

On track

How are we doing on our key initiatives?

Impact Framework and Long-Term Plan 2024-34

How are we doing: An Impact framework has been presented to Councillors, including a description of core services delivered by Council, draft high level outcome measures and draft service measures. The Impact Framework is guiding development of the Long-Term Plan 2024-34. 

On track

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