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Leading community resilience

Last updated: 01 November 2023
Reporting frequency: Quarterly
Portfolio: Climate change and community resilience

We are increasing the resilience of Canterbury communities against natural and human-induced hazards through risk reduction and collecting, providing, and communicating natural hazard information.

We are building community adaptive capacity and we help our community respond and recover when emergencies occur.

This work includes:

How are we tracking on our Levels of Service?

Level of Service 18: Provide information and advisory services that enable people to understand natural hazard risk and make informed decisions.

To achieve this Level of Service we will respond to requests for natural hazards advice in a timely manner. 

How are we doing: A total of 145 hazard information requests were responded to in quarter one including 96 flood hazard assessments, 20 land information requests, and 26 general hazard information requests. All natural hazard requests received throughout the quarter were recorded and responded to within the targeted time frame of 10 working days. 

On track
Level of Service 19: Enable the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group.

To achieve this Level of Service we will comply with the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group/Environment Canterbury Service Level Agreement, including the provision of suitably trained staff. 

How are we doing: We continue to provide a broad range of administrative functions to support the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, including managerial oversight of the Emergency Management Office, financial management and reporting services, and collection of targeted rates.

The target is ‘at risk’ as there is a problem with internet connectivity within the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct, which creates a potential risk of delay in activating the Emergency Coordination Centre during an emergency. Changes put in place earlier this quarter by the Ministry of Justice, as landlord, have delayed implementing the solution previously identified. A new solution is now being progressed as the first implementation of a Canterbury Regional Council-wide solution. A temporary workaround is in place to mitigate any risk.   

At risk

How are we doing on our key initiatives?

Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group capability and capacity review

How are we doing: KPMG were contracted to undertake an extensive review of CDEM, looking at structures and resourcing across the region. This was completed in quarter one.

On track
Develop a strategy for Waitarakao/Washdyke including technical investigations and community engagement

How are we doing: Between March and July, phase one of the collaborative Waitarakao/Washdyke Lagoon Catchment Strategy ‘Our Waitarakao’ was carried out. There was a very positive response from the community and stakeholders wanting to be involved in improving the lagoon catchment. 170 survey responses and 90 'share your idea' cards were received. We have now initiated phase two of engagement and we are continuing to analyse feedback received in phase one.

On track
Investigate development of a Canterbury Resilience Strategy

How are we doing: A resilience inventory scan, undertaken with the University of Canterbury, has captured themes of the resilience orientation of districts within the region. Staff have reviewed the report and the findings have been presented to Councillors for feedback.

On track

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