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Marine oil spill response

Date: 01 July 2019
Reporting Frequency: Annually
Category: Climate Change and Community Resilience


Marine oil spill response available every day.


Marine oil spill response has been available every day.

About this goal

We are required to take all appropriate steps to prepare for and respond to marine oil pollution incidents.

Why does it matter?

Under the Maritime Transport Act 1994, Environment Canterbury has a responsibility to have oversight of ship-shore oil transfer operations and to manage oil spills in certain situations. This means we have a response plan for doing so, and a team of trained people led by a suitably qualified staff member who takes charge of a spill incident as the Regional On-Scene Commander to manage the potential risk of oil getting into the water.

What's being done?

Maritime New Zealand recommends a certain number of people within each region are trained to respond to a marine oil spill. For Canterbury that’s 30 people, although we aim to maintain a larger team to allow us a full team even when some people may be on leave. This team is co-ordinated by the Harbourmaster’s Office.

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