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Passenger satisfaction with the public transport service

Date: 01 November 2017
Reporting Frequency: Annually
Category: Transport and Urban Development


95% of passengers are satisfied or better with the public transport service.


In 2016/17, 97% of passengers reported they were satisfied or better with the overall public transport service.

About this goal

This data is updated annually through our Metro User survey.

Why does it matter?

Our region is constantly changing, along with what the public wants, needs and expects from a public transport service. We regularly evaluate Canterbury’s public transport service, to ensure needs can be met and customers are satisfied.

The Metro User survey helps us to understand:

  • Who is using the system.
  • What the level of satisfaction is with the network service provided, including frequency, reliability, value for money, and driver attitude.
  • How users view information and infrastructure as part of their experience.
  • How users view the services provided by different bus operators.

What's being done?

The results of our annual survey (along with other feedback channels such as through our MetroInfo team and via community groups) help Environment Canterbury to determine what initiatives we should prioritise.

This research was conducted in 2017 via on-bus (or on-ferry) intercept surveys with passengers.

A total of 2,052 surveys were completed in Christchurch.

The key findings of the survey were:

Satisfaction with services remains high

  • Younger passengers remain less likely to be satisfied with all aspects of services.
  • Services meeting needs, provision of a good service and friendly/helpful drivers were all reasons behind positive scores.
  • Over 75% of respondents were satisfied with each aspect of the service measured.
  • 84% of Metro users would recommend using public transport in Christchurch to a friend or colleague. The proportion is consistent with previous years.

The demographic profile of Metro Users is broadly consistent with profiles from previous years

  • Those aged 18 to 24 remain the most common users of the Christchurch Metro services in 2017.
  • When compared with the population profile of Christchurch, younger people (aged 16 to 24) are over represented among service users.
  • Use of the Metro services by the different age groups has remained relatively steady across survey points.
  • Overall trends indicate consistency in passenger numbers and travel patterns at the different times.
  • As in previous years, use of the Metro service is highest among those who are employed full time.
  • The proportion of users who were in part time employment has risen following a decline in the 2014-2016 period.

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