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Preparing for climate change

Last updated: 31 August 2023
Reporting frequency: Quarterly
Portfolio: Climate change and community resilience

In May 2019, Environment Canterbury declared a climate emergency, highlighting both the urgent need to address the issue, and the work already being done to help the region respond.

We are increasing our understanding of the risks from climate change and how we can adapt to them and transition to a low emissions future. We are building resilience to these risks by engaging with our partners, stakeholders and the community.

This work includes:

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Transition to a low emissions future
  • Organisational climate change risks and opportunities

More information about the climate change conversation for Canterbury can be found on the It’s time Canterbury website.

How are we tracking on our Levels of Service?

Level of Service 23: Raise awareness of how the community can be part of adapting to climate change.

As part of this level of service we will:

  • 23.1 Provide information, advice, tools and resources through climate change communication projects.
  • 23.2 Increase the number of people who engage with our campaign about what climate change means in Canterbury.
  • 23.3 Develop a Climate Change Action Plan in collaboration with the community to build resilience to climate change risks in Canterbury.

How are we doing: The ‘It’s Time Canterbury’ campaign went live across the region early in 2023, featuring print, digital, radio and social media advertising. Positive feedback was received from around the region. Web traffic and social engagement significantly increased.

Work is underway to develop a region-wide Canterbury Climate Partnership Plan in collaboration with Canterbury Councils, and an Environment Canterbury Climate Action Plan. Both projects are on track and expected to be completed in June 2024.


How are we doing on our key initiatives?

Develop a climate change action plan in collaboration with the community

How are we doing: Workshops were held in April/May with Canterbury Climate Change working group to align on Canterbury Climate Partnership Plan goals and outcomes. Briefings were held In June with the Mayoral Forum and the Reference Group respectively. The Mayoral Forum endorsed the Partnership Plan vision and principles, and the Reference Group endorsed the vision, principles, strategic outcomes, objectives and actions.

On track
Support organisational climate risk reporting (for Environment Canterbury)

How are we doing: Identified risks are being reviewed and refined to ensure accuracy and consistency. The project Steering Group is rating the risks based on the exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity of the organisation to these risks.


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