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  1. Play your part in local water management - join the Ashburton Zone Committee

    ... here to see who is currently on the committee.

    Delivering the community’s aspirations for water
    The Ashburton Zone Committee has been working with the community since 2010 to deliver the targets outlined in the Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS).

    The CWMS is an innovative and bold way of managing our fresh water that puts finding solutions to local water issue into the community’s hands.

    Some of the work the committee has been involved in has included providing more than $500,000 wo...
  2. Freshwater Management

    ... innovative solutions to manage our freshwater resource to support community use (mahinga kai, drinking water and recreation), achieve ecosystem health and sustainable economic development

    There are six strategic programmes of work in this portfolio:

    CWMS (Canterbury Water Management Strategy) Facilitation
    Environmental Monitoring and Progress Reporting
    Resource Management Act (RMA) Water Framework
    Zone and Regional Delivery
    Regional Water Infrastructure Support
    Te Waihora Restoration
  3. Our governance

    ... must adhere to, and Environment Canterbury has developed a Regional Policy Statement and regional plans for land and water, air and the coastal environment. 

    Regional StrategiesKey regional strategies include the Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS), the Canterbury Regional Economic Development Strategy and the Canterbury Biodiversity Strategy.
  4. What exactly is the Canterbury Water Management Strategy?

    Science Director Stefanie Rixecker discusses the Canterbury Water Management Strategy and its impact on water protection in Canterbury.

    Canterbury’s precious water resource has been managed by the Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) since 2009.

    It provides a collaborative way of addressing the issues to enable present and future generations to gain the greatest social, economic, recreational and cultural benefits from Canterbury’s water resources.

    The strategy sets out targets for wat...

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